Green Bay Packers Schedule & Prediction: Aaron Rodgers will likely be in Super Bowl 52


With Aaron Rodgers as the quarterback, the Green Bay Packers will always in the playoff. Rodgers threw for 4,428 yards and 40 touchdowns against seven interception last season. He also had 104.2 percent passer rating. Having these numbers in the coming season will again help the Packers to win games.


Possessing an offensive juggernaut will always be part of the Packers. Jordy Nelson who caught for 1,257 yards and 14 touchdown receptions will lead the arsenals of Rodgers. Randal Cobb will always be a factor and he will get his numbers. The acquisition of Martellus Bennett will bring forth the offense stronger and better. Bennett made himself popular after being part of the New England Patriots Super Bowl 51 roster and his experience will help the Packers extensively.

The Green Bay Packers 2017 schedule will be tough but with a quarterback who can lead the entire squad, they will be contenders. The Packers will play the Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons the first two weeks respectively.  Against the Seahawaks, the  game will be up for grab and the whole world will know if the Packers  really belong to the top teams in the NFC. Surely, the Packers will be at ease playing at home against the defending NFC Champion Atlanta. In the first two games, Green Bay will be 1-1. Hosting the Cincinatti Bengals and Chicago Bears will make the Packers 3-1 in the first quarter of their season.

The next four games will be against NFC teams. They will face the Dallas Cowboys in the first week of October. This game is expected to possess great interest nationally as both teams are geared in aspiring go deeper in the playoff. The Packers will play in Dallas where Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott love to play their best games. In the coming game, Rodgers and his wide receivers will have to topple the tight defense of the Minnesota Vikings. To finish the half of the schedule, they will meet an offensive oriented team – the New Orleans Saints. After the two road games, they will take a bye then afterward they will face the Detroit Lions, who are searching for a more productive season. At the half of the season, the Packers will be at 6-2 record, losing either to the Cowboys or the Saints.

Green Bay looks for an easier second half schedule as they play the Bears, Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Packers will have to face the Ravens and Steeelers in consecutive weeks that it will take a lot of effor t to win both. Because of the toughness of Ravens and Steelers, the Packers will be 3-1, making it 9-3.

The final four games will determine the Packers’ playoff destiny as well as their seeding. The Packers will play the Cleveland Browns, Carolina Panthers, Vikings and Lions. The only threat for them to clean up their December schedule will be the Panthers.

With great offensive attacks throughout the season, the Packers will likely be having a 12-4 season.

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