St. Benilde earns first win after Perpetual’s victory forfeited

In a quick turn of event, Perpetual Help’s 69-65 victory over St. Benilde was forfeited for having the wrong uniform for the game. The NCAA management committee ruled the win for St. Benilde.

The Altas were supposed to play with the light uniforms but instead they wore dark maroon jerseys. Despite of wearing the wrong jerseys, the game resulted for Altas win. However, with the forfeiture, the result will be reversed.

“Any athlete whose playing uniform does not conform with the rules, first offense is ineligible to participate in a given game,” said NCAA Mancom chairman Fr. Glynn Ortega, OAR, of host San Sebastian in a statement.

In that game, Gab Dagangon led the Altas with 14 points, 10 rebounds and three assists. Big man Prince Eze had 11 points, 12 rebounds and five blocks for Perpetual Help. GJ Ylagan added 12 points and three rebounds.

Kendrix Belgica scored 16 points and five rebounds for the Blazers while Matthew Johnson added 10 points.