Dallas Cowboys Schedule 2017 & Prediction: Just enough for the NFL playoffs


Dak Prescott predicted that they will win the NFC East. It is possible to happen it again because they won last season. However, the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles and Washing Redskins are gearing up to win the division also.

Will the Cowboys have a better season?

The start of the Dallas Cowboys quest for a Super Bowl ring with quarterback Dak Prescott will continue this 2017 NFL season. Another factor will be the rise of running back Ezekiel Elliott. Absolutely, the Tony Romo era was over and the Cowboys are heading into a new direction with a young leader.

With a 13-3 record in 2016, the Cowboys future is very promising and they are expected to play better and win more when it comes to their own fans. While the Cowboys had a breakthrough with Prescott as the quarterback, Las Vegas projected the Cowboys win not more than 10 games this season. Let’s look at the schedule of the Cowboys in 2017 if there’s really a substance on the prediction of Las Vegas.

The first four weeks of the Cowboys 2017 NFL schedule would be tough as anybody can imagine, facing three playoff teams in 2016. The Cowboys will host their arc-rivals New York Giants in the opening day and then they play two road games against two powerful teams, the Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals. Dallas will win the opener but the game against the Broncos and the Cardinals will be difficult. However, they can easily beat the Los Angeles Rams in their fourth game. After four games, the Cowboys aree at 2-2.

A challenging game for the Cowboys in Week 5 in which they will meet the Aaron Rodgers-lead team Green Bay Packers. While the Cowboys have success over the Packers, this will be a game in which it can determine their future games. The will play the San Francisco 49ers next before going into a mountain. The next three games will highly be another level in which the Cowboys need to win at least two. Prescott will have to play with toughness and he must be able to find ways in winning tight games as they face the Washington Redskins, Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons. They might beat the Redskins but they will have difficulty in winning another two games. The Cowboys will have 3-2 win in these five games.

After nine games, the Cowboys are at 5-4 with seven games left. They will play the Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Chargers and Washington Redskins all at home. There’s a possibility that they will win out these three games but they will be meeting two teams at their division, the Redskins and the Eagles. It’s safe to give the Cowboys 2-1 at this juncture while increasing their chances for a playoff run, with 7-5 record.

The final four games will make or break the Cowboys. They will play the Giants and Oakland Raiders on the road consecutively. The Raiders at this moment are probably aiming for the top spot in the AFC while the Giants understand the importance of winning this game. Thus, if the Cowboys will win at least one of these games, then their chances will depend on the next two games.

Hosting the Seattle Seahawks will not be easy at all. Despite having the homefield advantage, the Seahawks are not concerned on where they play as long as they are in a great need of a victory. This game is considered to have a major playoff implication, if the Cowboys will win, they have an opportunity to be in the playoffs. Their final game is against the Eagles on the road, this can be a clincher for the Cowboys but it all depends on how they play.

In conclusion, the Cowboys will have enough defense to hurdle the 2017 season. The Cowboys are going to be in the playoffs and they will have a 10-6 record.

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