So wins Grand Chess


The Filipino-American grandmaster Wesley So did exceedingly well in the year 2016 by winning two super tournaments – the Sinquefield Cup and London Chess Classic.

  • Grandmaster at 14. Check.
  • National champion at 15. Check.
  • Breaks the 2600 Elo rating at 16. Check.
  • Surpasses 2700 at 20. Check.
  • Crashes the world’s top 10 at 22. Check.
  • Breaches 2800 at 23. Check

For all the efforts, the 23-year-old is on the right track for the World Championship title. And, measuring his last week’s massive performances in the London Chess Classic, looks like he will soon become the king of chess even before the decade ends.

Clashed against the world’s best in Kensington, London, Wesley So covered an unbeatable 6.0 points on 3 wins and 6 draws to notch the top position in the tournament and wrapped up the overall title in the elite, four-let, country-hopping 2016 Grand Chess Tour.

Wesley So also took home team and individual gold at the Olympiad and earlier in St. Louis, Missouri, So smashed 5.5 points and similarly beaten the opponent in the Dinquefield Cup. Each victory was worth $75,000 (P3.72 million).

While he cherises the US triumph in the Olympiad, So says his Grand Chess Tour victory means more to his career.

“This is definitely my best achievement ever” says So

So, inclusive of his leg prizes bagged an amount of $295,000, which is about 20 times bigger than the $15,000 he notched in 2015 edition, where he participated only once in four legs in the Sinquefield Cup and ended up dead last.

When asked which victory was close to his heart, So said –

“That is a very hard question! I was determined not to be last this year in the Sinquefield Cup. It was an awful feeling in 2015. That put some pressure on me, of course. So, it was an incredible joy when I finished first. It was a big tournament for me.”