Cavaliers Kyrie Irving News and Rumors

The Cleveland Cavaliers had finally traded Kyrie Irving and gotten Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder and unprotected first round pick from the Nets that surprised the basketball world.

Irving’s wish had come into reality and the Cavaliers looked like happy for what they got. However, in today’s development about the trade, there’s a big question about the health of Isaiah Thomas hip.

Thomas had undergone a physical examination on Friday and there’s a big uncertainty about the health of his injured hips as the Cavaliers officials are evaluating the results.

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported about a source involved in the process that “It’s a very sensitive situation”.

“The Cavaliers still are evaluating the medical information, and no final decision has been made, league sources said.”

Thomas didn’t play in the final three games of the playoffs because of the injured hip. Though he didn’t needed a surgery, but the Cavs’ wanted to get him in for an evaluation just to be safe.

If Thomas found out to be unfit, the Cavaliers have the option to nullify the trade. Thus, the Cavaliers are going back to square one, looking for a team or teams to be parners just to send away Irving.

The Cavaliers are weighing their options on the recent trade if they will rescind and make it void.