Sharapova faces No. 2 Halep in US Open


Maria Sharapova faces No. 2 seed Simona Halep in what is considered as the biggest match in Day 1 of the US Open on Monday, start time at 7:00 PM ET.

Sharapova hopes to continue her dominance in the US Open she looks to extend her first round streak of 11-0. Furthermore, Sharapova aims to keep her record blameless over Halep which currently stands at 6-0. Absolutely, Sharapova and Halep have played in the past, as a matter of fact, they played against each other in the French Open final in 2014.

Halep even reacted after finding out that she will play the 2006 US Open winner, and she considered a great challenge against Sharapova whom she had never beaten.

“My reaction was normal, because this year I had very tough draws every time almost,” Halep said with a laugh. “Of course was a little bit, like, ‘How is it possible again?'”

“It’s going to be a big challenge, first round of a Grand Slam, to face her. She beat me six times. So maybe I will change this. We will see Monday.”

Sharapova will be playing her first Grand Slam match for 19 months after receiving a 15-month ban for doping. She finished the ban in April and she is dedicated for her return. Sharapova is embroiled by injuries and controversies in the past months but she has still the mental edge of Halep.

The Mirror reported that Sharapova has completely change as a person as claimed by her physiotherapist.

Truly, Sharapova was once one of the darlings of tennis. She will be stealing the spotlight once again as she returns to Flushing Meadows. If Sharapova gets past Halep, then she would be considered one of the favorites and she even can take another US Open title for there’s no Serena Williams to conquer this year.

She got a wild-card bif from the USTA and this would be the great opportunity to show forth what she got.

US Open 2017 live stream Maria Sharapova vs Simona Halep is available on WatchESPn. Live television coverage of US Open 2017 Sharapova vs Halep is on ESPN2. Will Sharapova advance to the next round?