Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors and News: Dwayne Wade to reunite with LeBron James

Dwayne Wade, the hottest name in the NBA this week, has finally selected the Cleveland Cavaliers as his destination. The three-time NBA champion all-star guard plans to sigh with Cleveland after he clears waivers on Wednesday.

Wade wanted to avoid to play with the Chicago Bulls as they will be in a rebuilding stage. In order to facilitate his desire to play for another team, Wade agreed to a contract buyout with the Bulls on Sunday. Thus, Wade was free to select a team that he wants to play.

Rumors were circling around that Wade had considered to play with the Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs and even the Miami Heat. Though he didn’t rule out to return to the Heat, Wade wants to join in a contender team.

According to reports, Wade will sign a one-year, $2.3 million veterans minimum contract as a free agent. Wade is to be reunited with his longtime friend and teammates in Miami where they won two championships together and played in four NBA Finals.

The twelve-time All-star will play in Cleveland that will be without injured point guard Isaiah Thomas for until January. While Wade and James are older than when they were together in Miami, they still have the stats. Wade averaged 18 points for Chicago last season.

In order to have his desire to play with the Cavaliers, Wade gave back $8 milllion of his $23.8 million 2017-18 salary to have a buyout with the Bulls.

The Vertical’s Shams Charania reported Wade will sign a one-year, $2.3 million deal with the Cavaliers after having agreed to a buyout with the Chicago Bulls.

Even Wade will turn 36 in January next year, Wade remains an option in the offense especially when the game is on the line. Wade will bring forth the calmness in the game to his teammates because of his experience. Thus, in the closing minutes of the game, even if LeBron James will not take the game into his hands, Wade can be the person needed.