Cavaliers’ LeBron James to play in LA in 2018?

LeBron James, the biggest name in the NBA, continuous to be the consumption of rumors throughout the summer about his imminent decision to join the Los Angeles Lakers. The super star is set to journey into another free agency in 2018 and millions of fans worldwide believe that he will depart from Cleveland just to be witht he Lakers.

According to reports, James’ wife wants to live in L.A., and his business ventures are also centered in California which are the forces of him to play with the Lakers. Because of the benefits that James could acquire by playing in L.A., there’s a great speculation that James will be playing in the city.

NBA’s well-known expert Peter Vecsey put everything on the table by believing that James will unequivocallly sign with the Los Angeles Lakers next year. He says through Patreon:

“Accordingly, I’m publicly terminating the pandemic of speculation surrounding LeBron James’ playing plans past this season. For months, many in the media declared or composed presumption the Lakers would be the beneficiaries of his talents when he became a free agent July 1, 2018. I’m eradicating all conjecture and uncertainty! I’m comfortable now in stating unequivocally, LeBron will leave the Cavaliers a second time and join the Lakers, and return the team to LA Lore status.”

While it is unfathomable to see James in another uniform, it would be interesting to note that he will be playing his third team and probably has a chance of bringing back the glory days that Kobe Bryant left. A journey to the NBA Finals would be a great success with James playing in purple and gold.

Everybody knows that LeBron James is unpredictable but the rumors about his jumping to LA will not disappear until we all see him playing in purple and gold. Next season, LeBron James will probably be the best player in the world.