LA Lakers Rumors: Dwayne Wade is on the sight, will he play in LA?

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the teams that are interested in acquiring super star Dwayne Wade, who agreed to a buyout with the Chicago Bulls. This means that Wade is free to choose a team that he wants to play and that the Lakers will chase after him.

Alex Kennedy of Hoopshype tweeted that the Lakers are among the teams to reach out to Wade. While it is being reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers are pushing hard to get Wade to have a reunion with LeBron James, the Lakers are making a run after the 12-time All-star as they already reached out to him just after his buyout.

Surely, the Lakers will be benefited a lot if they can get Wade. With the experience of Wade, the young Lakers will learn a lot from him. However, the Lakers may not be Wade’s priority list but the organization might be able to convince him to play alongside rookie Lonzo Ball.

Wade is entering into his 15th season in the NBA. He played with the Bulls for 60 games last season. Though Wade remained a force with the Bulls, the superstart wants to get another championship before he retires.

“I’m going to take tonight and some of tomorrow and speak to the teams or players that’s on my list and go from there,” Wade told Tim Reynolds of The Associated Press.

Wade averaged 18.3 points, 4.5 rebounds and 3.8 assists with the Bulls last season. Wade just doesn’t want to be with the Bulls in rebuilding process after letting Jimmy Butler to other team.

With the intent to get Wade, the Lakers will be one of those teams who are willing to land him. Will Wade pick the Lakers?